Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CSA 2013: week 5

This week's share includes:
summer squash
garlic scapes
red onions
pint of tomatoes
eggs (every other week for me)
head of cabbage
lemon cucumbers
slicing cucumbers
bunch of beets

Do you get eggs as part of your share? In my opinion, Zephyr Farm eggs are the best. Every two weeks, the chickens are moved to new pasture where they can eat fresh grass and forage for insects. They're happy hen-folk and in turn, they fertilize the land and lay delicious and nutritious eggs for people-folk to enjoy.

If you're receiving eggs every week and are falling behind in your consumption, put aside the older eggs for hard boiling. They'll be easier to peel.

Enjoy the harvest,

PS: It's hot! Cool off with this recipe for chilled cucumber soup.

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