Tuesday, June 18, 2013

life on the farm

This is Charlie, the chicken guard dog, hanging out beneath the beautiful double rainbow yesterday.  He usually is fast asleep during the day so he has the stamina to protect the chickens at night.  Last year I lost about 400 chickens to predators on my new land so I needed to change something.  I got Charlie in April and besides the few chickens he eats for himself every once in awhile, he has been doing a great job.  He is a Great Pyrennees/ Antolian Shepherd/ Akbash mix.  He is still a bit of a puppy but weighs about 100lbs.  He is all love.
This is Charlie next to Addy who weighs 50 lbs.  Maybe now you can see the difference.  Addy is on groundhog/bunny/etc. duty to protect all the veggies.  Everyone has a job to do!

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