Tuesday, July 3, 2012

CSA Week 3

This weeks share:
1 lb cucumbers
2 lb summer squash
1 pint snap peas
1 bunch Bianco Di Maggio Onions
1 head red lettuce
1 head green butterhead
1 bunch kale
2 baby fennel

The Bianco Di Maggio onions are a variety of Cipollini onion that are slightly sweet and taste delicious grilled or roasted whole.
Sometimes it's hard to find ways to use fennel. I found a great, easy recipe for fennel chips
But for even easier ways to prepare fennel, thinly slice it and put it on sandwiches, grilled pizza, salads or slaws.

The season seems to be approaching full swing, each week there is something new to harvest. With all the heat and rain, everything is flourishing. including the weeds. Thankfully, we have added two new members to the Addie, Addie and Choke team. Last Friday was our first harvest with Lara and Chris and we were more productive than ever!
pictures to come....

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