Thursday, September 1, 2011

hurricane irene

So we were pretty lucky all things considered.  We spent all of Saturday after markets securing the farm for Hurricane Irene.  We even took the plastic off one of our hoophouses to minimize the chance of it  being damaged.  So I have to say my mouth dropped open when I checked on the farm Sunday afternoon and found the chicken coop like this!  Luckily we only lost about 20 chickens but the rest were really acting disoriented for about 2 days.  For those days we barely collected any eggs.  We seem to be back on track now.  The coop is upright after some scary tractor maneuvering and the chickens are chilling out in a new grassy area.  As for the fields most crops look fine.  The summer squash and cukes took a beating which we hope they will recover from after this glorious week.  A lot of time is being spent putting the farm back into order but we are so happy that we didn't lose power or have any other major problems .  The kitchen where we make the pesto lost power for days but we rescued all the pesto and brought it to the farm where it is safe and frozen!  Thanks to everyone for their good tidings and offerings of help.  Hope you are enjoying the season thus far.
Michele, your farmer

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