Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let the Season Begin!

Welcome to the 2011 Zephyr Farm blog, where you can follow some of the doings around the farm, get information on the CSA shares and get recipes and tips on how to prepare them. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

The farm has been very busy the last few weeks, as the rain has stopped and the sun has come out. We've been planting like crazy, weeding (with sun and rain, the weeds don't subside) and harvesting. There are lots of greens taking over! Right now we have lots of different head and mixed lettuces, kale, Swiss chard, Pak Choi and radishes. Strawberries are just about in and tomatoes are just starting to show their fruits! How exciting!

Tomatoes are coming!
Tom Thumb (Baby Boston Bibb). So cute!

We bought 600 new chickens this year, and they have been laying eggs like crazy! Our chickens are pastured, so they are happy pecking away at grass and insects in the outdoors, like chickens should. We constantly move their pen to give them new fresh grass. Have you tried pasture-fed chicken eggs? Nothing like the typical store-bought! The yolk is bright yellow and rich, and the egg sits high up on the plate. Try some and you will never go back to the old eggs! As a reminder, you can choose to do an egg share, or half egg share with your CSA.

This Saturday, June 4th, is our first day at the Hope Street Farmers' Market at Lippit Park. We will be open from 9-12:30 with plants, fresh veggies, eggs and Pesto. Come stop by, say hi to Leah and grab some things to get you by until the CSA starts (June 14th is right around the corner)!

Please stop back by here often to keep up to date and really be in touch with where your food is coming from. Enjoy the beautiful weather! We know we will.

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