Sunday, June 26, 2011

Farm Update

Whew! Things have been busy at the farm! As you all know, we started the CSA two weeks ago, and we have also been very busy at the Hope Street Market and Coastal Growers' markets on Saturdays. Preparing for all these is no easy task, but we love seeing the smiles on all your faces when you see all the delicious, fresh produce.

Michele and Leah harvesting for market

Our days on the farm consist of many tasks. Besides taking care of the chickens on a daily basis (and rotating them to fresh, green pasture bi-weekly), we are constantly seeding and planting new plants, weeding planted ones to keep them nice and healthy, harvesting and washing ready-to-eat goodies, making deliveries, and doing other little (or not so little) tasks to upkeep the farm, like controlling pests through natural methods. That's really only the tip of the iceberg of farm chores!

Hand-weeding onions. No chemicals here!
Besides our normal tasks, this last week we've encountered another problem. California Potato Beetles have decided to make themselves at home in our potato field. These little buggers eat the foliage of the potatoes with a vengeance, and proliferate like crazy.

Check out the foliage eaten by the Colorado Potato Beetle.

Since we don't use chemical pesticides, we have spent a lot of time picking these guys off the plants by hand. This has taken up a good chunk of our time this week so we can all enjoy potatoes this season!

Let's talk a little more about what's growing on the farm. The season changes so fast! We started heavy with greens, and have recently been harvesting some other goodies like turnips, radishes, baby fennel, kohlrabi and carrots. We should be getting squash and cucumbers very, very soon, followed shortly by tomatoes!

Beautiful Butterhead

Washing Red Leaf Lettuce

Squash Blossoms! See the baby squash?
Tomatoes are oh-so-close!!

We've been planting a variety of melons, squashes, husk cherries, onions and tomatoes (to name a few) for us to enjoy over the summer. As summer gets started, the farming continues! Lots of yummy produce to be enjoyed! We're looking forward to sharing our bounty with you throughout the season and will keep working hard to make it happen.

Upkeeping the farm is no easy task, so if you (or anyone you know), would like to volunteer some of your time with us, you are always welcome! Just shoot an email to to set it up.

We'll check back in a couple days with your CSA share and some more recipes. Cioa (or chow down!) for now, friends.

-Leah (on behalf of the Zephyr Farm team!)

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